Norton Ghost 2003 Full Version

Norton Ghost 2003 Full Version - File Size 48mb

Noston Ghost
 helps keep the info on your laborious drive safe. With its new Windows interface and improved performance, this cover version maintains its position because the premier disk imaging utility for the proficient computer user.

I simply put in a replacement computer (with Windows) and needed to backup the C (System) drive using Norton Ghost 2003. Don’t inquire from me why i'm still using the previous version rather than the new one, since this is often the sole one I actually have in my hand. The installation was simply fine further because the backup setting, then it asked me to reboot the computer. OK. Click and reboot.
After the blank screen, the ghost methodnotified me that there was miscalculation and may not continue the task. It asked me to run “ghreboot“. No doubt, I run it and zip happened.

Norton Ghost assistance on the online came back me nothing, except that the matter is caused by a virtual partition created by Norton Ghost as a vigorous partition. I contacted my past love posing for this downside and gave me a direction. He said that Norton Ghost 2003isn't compatible with SATA devices.

Here is the way to solve the matter if you face it.
  • Boot from any bootable CD from where you can run fdisk
  • After it give you a command prompt, run: fdisk
  • Choose to display partition and you will see a partition labeled : –VPGHOST–
  • Delete this partition
  • Activate your Bootable Partition
  • Exit fdisk
  • Reboot

  • Make backup straightforward with a user-friendly Windows interface and step-by-step wizards.
  • Save your backup to virtually any internal or external drive (CD or DVD burners, USB or FireWire,devices, network locations).
  • Schedule automatic backups for any time you decide on.
  • Mount your backup as a drive letter for straightforward access.
  • Use "hot imaging" to make backups without EVER leaving Windows.
  • Protect all the information on your laptop, not just application files.
  • Compressed drive pictures saves valuable disk area.
  • Restore your entire system or just selected files - you choose.
  • Transfer all your knowledge from one laptop to a different without problem

Voila. you ought to notice your Windows loading screen. Then you'll install the cover version of Norton Ghost
Warning : Use it at your own risk. I used Windows XP and Windows98 for the Boot CD.

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