Zoner Photo Studio Pro 17.0 With Key Full Version

Zoner Photo Studio Pro 17.0 With Key Full Version - File Size 77mb

Zoner Photo Studio has everything you need to download, edit, manage, save and share photos. More than just a photo

editor, it’s an A to Z suite of tools that streamlines your photography workflow.
Editing – Faster and Easier Than Ever
Stop spending time hunting through pull-down edit option bars to locate what you want. The Editor now displays all

functions in a Quick Edits pane on the right hand side of the workspace. Easy-to-use sliders deliver instant results.
Geotag Photos to Maps
– Click on a photo, drag it to a map, and Zoner Photo Studio creates a virtual pushpin that automatically adds a Geotag

to the file and places it on the map.
– Have a camera that already Geotags your photos? Those tags will be visible when you import them into Zoner Photo

– Geotags also display in Zonerama album photos.
Content-Aware Resizing
– Wish to change a photo’s composition or size without shrinking or cropping key elements?
– New for version 16 is Content-Aware resizing and the ability to adjust only areas you designate.
Use to:
– bring two people side-by-side
– make narrow an object that’s too wide
– improve overall balance and proportion
Automatic Facebook Sharing
If you upload photos to both Zonerama albums and Facebook, you now have seamless integration between the two. No more. uploading twice! Pick one and photos appear in both places.
Zoner Photo Studio Pro 17.0 With Key Full Version Reviewed by Shukaib Ansar on 22 October Rating: 5
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